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Despite "intense security" surrounding the production of Doctor Who's fourth season, Steven "Jekyll and Hyde" Moffat's complete scripts for the ninth and tenth episodes were leaked to British newspaper The Sun last week. This led to a good, old-fashioned spoiler dump and tabloid-style overreaction from the BBC, both of which can be found under the jump, along with a new promo image.


The Sun says BBC chiefs are responding to the script leak for the two episodes in a way that people only do in UK tabloids. They not only "hit the roof," but they're also "fuming" about the scripts getting into the hand of the newspaper, with an unnamed source saying that "this is the last thing they would want to happen" and in no way a good method of getting people excited about the return of the show. Just weeks ahead of the season's premiere in the UK, the Sun added some details to what we've already reported about those two episodes:

Episodes nine and ten form a two-parter, which is due to be screened in early summer.

They see the Doctor and sidekick Donna Noble — played by Catherine Tate — ending up in the 51st Century in a giant library, "a whole planet of books", that's been abandoned for 100 years.

Ironically the library contains many books that give away SPOILERS about people's life stories.

ER star Alex Kingston also stars as an astronaut-cum-archaeologist called Professor River Song. The library is full of sinister things such as dead bodies, "data ghosts", the Suit Creature and the dreaded Vashta Nerada "piranhas of the air — shadows that melt the flesh."


And then the Doctor and Donna get separated, and she meets a mysterious Doctor Moon. US fans only have to wait until April for the Sci-Fi Channel launch of the fourth season. And here's a new promo pic for the season's second episode, "The Fires of Pompeii":

Illustration for article titled New Secrets Of Doctor Who Season 4 Leak To Newspaper, BBC Outraged


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