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New Scott Pilgrim trailer is romantic comedy platinum

Could Scott Pilgrim be this year's breakout sleeper hit? If enough people watch this new trailer that just popped up on Facebook, the answer's clearly yes. It's romantic comedy with video-game action and brilliant comic timing. What's not to love?


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What's not to like? The whole strongarm tactic of saying that there is stuff we "must" like and "must" see again and again "otherwise movies like this won't get made." Just in the last year, I've been told I "must" see Watchmen Inglorious Basterds, Avatar, Kick-Ass, and probably some others that I can't think of else I have to "turn in my geek card." I thought the whole point of being a geek is not caring what people think of what you like.

Now we get a major studio enticing people on Facebook to "friend" them for the "priviledge" of seeing a commercial for a movie, and another geek site saying it's a "geek imperitive." I'm too old for this sh*t. I'm guessing there are some laughs in Scott Pilgrim, and Eric Wright has done little wrong before, but this is where I get off.