New science series with Morgan Freeman asks, "Is there a creator?"

Searching for answers to cosmology's biggest questions just got a whole lot more dignified. Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole, premiering tonight on the Science Channel, tackles the most fundamental questions about the universe, and even tries to address God scientifically.


The title of the series's debut episode - "Is There A Creator?" - should make it clear just how ambitious this program is attempting to be. It's the sort of question that might seem entirely outside the realm of scientific inquiry, more a topic of metaphysics than of physics. And yet the show finds a bunch of ways to address the question in terms that are (more or less) strictly scientific, as this sneak peek illustrates:

Future episodes aren't quite so lofty - after an episode that's explicitly about looking for God, that's sort of inevitable, although the exploration of the cosmos before the Big Bang, "What Happened Before the Beginning?" does give it a run for its money. Still, this fact doesn't make the remaining episodes any less interesting, with stalwart favorites like "The Riddle of Black Holes", "Is Time Travel Possible?", and "Are We Alone?" mixed in with explorations of the Large Hadron Collider, dark energy, and the origin of all life in the universe. Like we said, this series is nothing if not ambitious, and Morgan Freeman sounds like the perfect narrator to make it all hang together.

Through the Wormhole premieres tonight at 10 pm on the Science Channel.


Yes there's a creator, his name is Jesus...he lives in the apartment buildings behind my house, and he drives a 63 Impala Low Rider.