Hakai Magazine is a newly launched science publication that will report on science, society, and the environment along the world’s coastlines, which are home not only to nearly half of the planet’s human population, but countless other species of plants and animals.

Our stories are about the coast—past, present, and future.

Around the globe, coastal ecosystems cushion and support communities. The coastal margin filters toxins and hinders erosion while providing food, jobs, and critical transportation hubs for people. Fish and other creatures rely on coasts for food, shelter, and breeding grounds. To understand this land- and seascape, people need access to accurate, unbiased, and engaging information.

A couple of favorites thus far: “Other Fish to Fry,” a longform feature on chefs who are finding new culinary applications for less-desirable fish, and “Fearless” (featured at the top of this post), a four-minute short on what happens when raccoons are permitted to loot island ecosystems unchecked by natural their predators.