New Riddick movie will feature alien seduction

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The director of The Chronicles of Riddick, who is also directing the new Riddick film, took to the internet to answer the fans questions. The good news: it'll be more like Pitch Black, the first film.


In a very short video post on his facbook page, Diesel asked Twohy to answers the fans questions and concerns about the new Riddick feature. Thank goodness it's going to be rated R.

Here's a quick transcript from the video:

Twohy: The movie itself is going to be a lot like Pitch Black because of the money involved. Because we want to maintain our R rating.

Diesel: Which is a big deal.

Twohy: At any cost. And the cost is a lot.

Diesel: We've committed to going R.

Twohy: So it will be probably a little tougher than say Chronicles was, but more like Pitch Black in that regard anyway. We are going to be lean and we're going to go quick. And it's going to be a cool movie, I can tell you that.

Do you have any hot girls that will seduce Vin Diesel?

Twohy: Yeah we do actually! We do have seduction in this movie.

Watch the full video over at Diesel's facebook.




Are you kidding me? If they can get an extra 30 million to make it more like Chronicles of Riddick, and the only cost is a little less nudity and one or two less fucks, then do it! I don't know how anyone can say Pitch Black was better than was good, but Chronicles was better...