New Resident Evil Movie Is Allegedly The LAST Resident Evil Movie

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The next Resident Evil movie will be your final Resident Evil movie, which is a big deal because there are literally thousands of Resident Evil movies. Millions even. But the T-Virus party is OVER because the next Resident Evil will be your last. Sure it will.


In an interview with Collider, long-time RE director Paul W.S. Anderson revealed that his next video game adaptation Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (working title) will be the last. And that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will most likely become the official name of the final movie, whenever he's done writing it.

Looks like you'll have to get your Milla Jovovich punching, kicking and shooting fix somewhere else. Her days as Alice are over.

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I seriously love the first Resident Evil movie without irony. I think it nailed what I wanted from such an adaption, especially given the budget they were working with (which obviously limits how many monsters you can get as well as the setting options).

The second one and fourth one are... tolerable enough. They have some good shit in them. Worth an occasional rewatch.

The third one is bad.

The fifth one is fucking atrocious.

I have mild hopes for this one, I guess.