Last week, scientists possibly found the key to making men (temporarily) infertile, and now science may have discovered the secret behind female fertility, allowing women to finally say goodbye to the ticking baby clock.


New Scientist reports that researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China may have identified stem cells that can allow them to control fertility, after tests on mice allowed sterilized mice to become pregnant and give birth to healthy babies. Ji Wu's discovery of these female germline stem cells requires independent verification before tests will be carried out to see if similar cells are present in human females. If they are, then scientists may be able to help infertile women procreate. More interestingly, this could also mean that menopause could be put off or reversed, allowing women to remain fertile as long as they want. Is this the start of the next sexual revolution?

Egg stem cells could revolutionise fertility treatment [New Scientist]

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