New Red Riding Hood trailer wants to get naked in the woods with you

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Catherine Hardwicke's next paranormal film promises all sorts of naked nastiness in the woods. Amanda Seyfried and her werewolf suitors are trying very hard to make medieval orgies the new Twilight. A new trailer is all bosoms, blood...and Gary Oldman.


Red Riding Hood, which is set to hit theaters on March 11th, is all about a young girl (Seyfried) who falls for the wrong woodcutter. Somehow this sexual scandal is tied into a rash of local wolf murders so strange that the village calls upon the wise Gary Oldman to rid their town of the evil wolf attacks. Which he immediately deduces to be a werewolf problem. Scary sex and wolf mayhem, by the look of things, ensue.

Watch the trailer in HD at Apple.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

This looks awful. Like "Van Helsing" awful.

But if Amanda Seyfried wants to get naked in the woods with me, as you so provocatively put it, who am I to say no?