The brain behind Survivor, Shark Tank, and The Voice, Mark Burnett has not given up on his dream of a reality TV show set in space. Now it looks like that dream will finally come true.

TV Guide is reporting that Burnett's latest reality series competition will launch the final contestant into space thanks to Virgin Galactic. The $250,000 ticket would be awarded to the last person standing, after facing a bunch of secret trials and tribulations. We assume (or hope) that the majority of the competitions will be space-related. The series is currently without a name, but has already started a bidding war between networks.


This is not Burnett's first space reality TV series. Destination Mir was supposed to shadow a collection of American citizens undergoing cosmonaut training at Russia's Star City. The winner would get a ticket to the Russian space station, but alas, Mir was grounded before the show could begin filming. Burnett tried again in 2003, but the Columbia disaster put off any space pitches for a long time.

We love the idea of educating the masses on space while also entertaining them. Plus, it would be pretty cool to watch someone who isn't Justin Beiber experience suborbital flight.