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The Mutant Chronicles, the mutant-killing schlockfest starring Ron Perlman, is actually coming to theaters in April. And here's a bloody new "redband" trailer to prove it. Won't somebody think of the eyeballs?


More to the point, didn't we obtain a binding blog-injunction to prevent anyone from watching this movie? We filed a brief in the court of blogdom last August:

I submit to you, honorable pop culture judges, the case for why The Mutant Chronicles — a feature film starring Thomas "Punisher" Jane and Ron "Hellboy" Perlman now out on DVD in Europe — is quite possibly the worst movie ever made, and therefore should be subject to an injunction preventing it from being watched by anyone, for any reason.


Obviously the Mutant Chronicles was able to obtain a stay of execution, because now there's this new trailer:

Unless we obtain injunctive relief soon, the film will be in select U.S. theaters on April 24.

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