New Power Rangers are no longer color-coded according to their race. Yay!

The Power Rangers are coming back for their 19th (!) season, and the good news is their suits no longer color-coded according to their ethnicity. (Watch this amazing College Humor video for more on how that came about originally.)

Writes Matt Kiebus over at Death and Taxes:

Nearly 15 years since my exposure to the Power Rangers, it's hard to forget the terrible costumes, graphics, special effects, and corny mid-battle sequence dialogue. But in retrospect the show had one glaringly obvious culturally insensitive faux pas - their color uniform happened to signify their race. The yellow ranger was Asian, the black ranger was African-American, the pink ranger was the hot white girl, and the white ranger was indeed a Caucasian male...

Now the show is being retooled by Nickelodeon, complete with cell-phone looking morphing devices and politically correct costumes.


Here's a sneak peek:

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