New Potter Trailer Proves Kids With Wands Still Cooler Than Twilight

Want magic and fantasy elements in a present-day, post-industrial setting? The reigning champion remains Harry Potter, as this new trailer for Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince proves. Twilight's troubled-but-pretty kids are still amateurs compared to the Potter gang. And the good news? Half-Blood Prince is already looking worlds better than the last Potter, plus Ronald's growth finally allows me to continue dreaming about him without feeling dirty.Look at that: you've got real characters with hilarious flaws that make them endearing and easy to root for. Plus, Potter deals with serious black magic and destruction in a world where death could seriously be lurking around any corner. Harry Potter deals out a kind of flippant "so a few kids may die" attitude that is terrifying, because you start to get attached to these meek little wizards as they learn how to fly. But at the same time the kids are not afraid to kick ass, and they do. So Twilight, I'm sorry: your "I'm a troubled vampire," shtick is as old hat as your emo soundtrack. It's starting to look like we're going to get back to the basics of Potter, and get down to the good old fashioned hijinks between these kids, while saving the land from evil from Bellatrix Lestrange and learning more about Lord Voldemort's sad sack past. I truly hope that Half-Blood Prince makes up for the hurried Order of the Phoenix. If pushing the film back means they're going to spend more time on story development and character time, then so be it. I don't want a repeat of the last movie where the entire work up to the finale felt so rushed, I couldn't muster up the strength to be sad at Sirius Black's departure. I admit it will be sad to not to have a dose of Potter over the holidays, the franchise did give us this amazing WB parody video. Remember when the WB postponed the new Harry Potter until July and you could hear the screams from stripey scarf wearing wand wielders from around the planet? Well there was this pretty freaking hilarious comedy short released from fake Warner Brothers created to silence the complaints for miles around, and it's pretty spot on. But please DO NOT watch it if you don't know the ending to Half Blood Prince, MAJOR SPOILERS:

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Unfortunately, I believe the movie was pushed back simply to fill an empty spot in the summer schedule. This will most likely translate to "no one will benefit but WB," and maaaaybe the CG people.