New Planet Of The Apes Trailer Shows The Apes' New Home

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A brand new international trailer has been released for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and with it is a bunch of new footage including the first time we see the ape law "Ape shall not kill Ape." Looks like they learned how to write!


The more we see from this movie, the more excited we get. Things we noticed in this trailer: The sheer mass of the ape population has tripled. Their home looks like a lovely forest haven. It looks like their society is really coming together. Can't wait!



"They're animals!"

So are we! Is basically what I'd shout back.

But he's the movie's "villain" I guess, so it's understandable. It's sort of like the people that complain "But Humans are Apes, so it's already a planet of the apes!" without realising that *that's the point*

But anyways, yeah, really looking forward to this.

Big fan of the originals, big fan of Rise, not in any way a fan of the Tim Burton film.