New Pink Panther Film Will Put That Cartoon Panther In The Real World

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The last Pink Panther movies featured Steve Martin playing the perfectly incompetent Inspector Jacques Clouseau, to perfectly awful reviews. But now, MGM has announced a new Pink Panther movie, which ditches the Inspector in favor of the literal Pink Panther himself, who appeared in previous movies' opening credits.


David Silverman, who directed and produced The Simpsons Movie, is directing, with Walter Mirisch and Julie Andrews producing. Mirisch was the executive producer of the original movie and Andrews is the widow of Blake Edwards, who directed the classic Pink Panther movies.

As with the original cartoon show (which some may remember from the '60s), the Panther himself won't speak. But unlike the original cartoon, the movie will drop the Panther into the real world, using a combination of live-action and CGI. The story itself takes cues from the original movie, where the title referred to a precious gem-stone that thieves steal. As an "international jewel heist" movie, it should at least stay near its roots.

The studio hopes that the new style, and having Silverman at the helm, will modernize and breathe new life into an old franchise that has failed to get off the ground on its last two outings.

And for anyone who still hears the classic theme song when you hear the name Pink Panther, rest easy: Henry Mancini's jazzy score will be used for the movie.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]


Back when the Steve Martin movies were first greenlit, a contributor to AICN shared his idea for Pink Panther films. Instead of recasting Inspector Clouseau, have a series of different kinds of movies that involve the pink panther diamond. So have a standard Mission Impossible heist or caper film, have a road movie, have a straight up frat-boy comedy, have a Musical, all surrounding the juggling match of who goes after the diamond next. i.e. be a genuine Pink Panther movie, not an Inspector Clouseau movie.

Seemed like a really interesting idea, that no Studio Exec would ever go for.