You can finally take a gander at photos of "Darth Maul/The Toad" Ray Park in his full Snake-Eyes costume from the upcoming G.I. Joe film, and we grudgingly have to admit that he looks fairly badass. Even though his visor looks a bit like Geordi's from Star Trek: The Next Generation, we'd never tell him that to his face. If we did, he'd either gut us with his sword, pop a cap in our ass with his gun, or possibly do both. Check out another Snake-tastic picture after the jump.


These images give us hope that G.I. Joe won't be a complete mess, or at least it'll look pretty while continuing to strip-mine all our childhood memories. We haven't heard if Snake-Eyes will have his wolf Timber in the movie or not, although we don't really think they need to give him a slobbering animal to make him look more intimidating. It's also not clear if he'll talk or if we'll just see his face in the flick. (Thanks ProjectThanatos!)

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