New Pictures from Star Trek: Discovery's Return Give Us a Look at Michael Burnham's No Good, Very Bad Day

Michael’s arrival in the future makes a bit of a mess.
Michael’s arrival in the future makes a bit of a mess.
Image: CBS

At least David Ajala is there to ease the pain?

One Star Trek show has come to an end, and it’s already time for another: in just a few days’ time, Star Trek: Discovery returns for its third season, finally giving us a look at this strange new future the franchise is exploring. The climax of last season saw Michael, in her Red Angel suit, lead the Discovery to the far future of 3188, further than any Star Trek series has actually explored.

What awaits her in 3188? Well, these new pictures from “That Hope is You, Part 1” released by CBS today show what seems like a pretty rough time for Commander Burnham. But it’s not all bad.


A bunch show off the immediate aftermath of the hasty crash-landing Michael made, as glimpsed in the clip released at New York Comic Con, after she promptly emerged from her wormhole and boinked right off the ship of new mystery man Book (David Ajala’s new character). Naturally, she makes it out all right of it well enough—otherwise the new season would be pretty short!—before making a meet-cute with Book himself.

But teaming up with the first person she literally bumped into in the 32nd century isn’t all fun and games for Michael—there’s a not-so-snazzy costume change for her, lots of wandering through very spartan alien landscapes—have they been ravaged by whatever the mysterious “burn” is that was mentioned in the trailers?—and even some alien encounters, including a familiar face in a lone Andorian. And a Lurian, like Morn from Deep Space Nine!


But one interesting thing missing from all these pictures? The Discovery itself, and the rest of its crew. Did Michael somehow manage to make it to the future before they did? We’ll have to wait and see, but not long—Star Trek: Discovery’s third season kicks off on CBS All Access this Thursday, October 15.


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Arturo R. Garcia

Wow, the far future looks kinda drab. Did they forget the teachings of Miles so quickly?