Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

A couple of new pics from Will Smith's Hancock have turned up, showing off his superhero outfit. (Which we featured months ago.) We also have some major new hints about X-Files 2, and more incredibly, massively detailed Lost spoilers.


Here are those new Will Smith pics, courtesy of Rope of Silicon:

SpoilersLost has tons of spoilers for the first new Lost ep. We start out with Jack watching Hurley in a car chase with the cops on TV. The cops catch Hurley, and he's all, "Don't you know who I am? I'm one of the Oceanic Six!" Turns out Hurley is shoplifting because he's seeing weird visions. The cops want to know about fellow Oceanic passenger Ana Lucia, and Hurley lies about her. Later, Hurley gets a weird visitor in his mental institution, who wants to upgrade Hurley to a fancy private facility. But Hurley says no, and then fakes a seizure.


Meanwhile, in the past, Naomi goes missing, and there's a creepy moment between Ben and Rousseau. Jack starts to wonder if Naomi is ebil, and then discovers Kate stole his sat-phone when they split up. Hurley finds out that Charley is dead and it's not Penny's boat. Hurley sees something spooky by Jacob's cabin, and Locke tries to manipulate Hurley into backing his power play. Then Naomi steals the sat-phone and contacts George, then dies.

Everybody gets reunited on the beach, and Jack and Locke have a big fight. Jack tries to shoot Locke, but his gun is out of bullets. Then Locke accuses Juliet of being a traitor. [SpoilersLost]

  • And an extra from the eighth Lost episode confirms that it's a Michael-centric episode, where MIchael meets Tom in New York after escaping the island. [TheMediaCritic]
  • Meanwhile, the "werewolf" rumors about X-Files 2 gained more credence when someone remembered a conversation with Chris Carter about making a monster movie featuring Mulder and Scully as Van Helsing(s). Carter also remarked they'd never had a werewolf on the show. Also, a leaked cast list includes two hijackers, and the movie includes a pool scene with people in bathing suits. And a list of scenes includes Father Joe (Billy Connolly) in a snowbound landscape, digging up a human arm and running to his friend Monica (Xantha Radley). Someone tells Monica to take Father Joe to the wrong house, but then Monica gets abducted. [XFiles2ndMovie]
  • On the first new Smallville of the year, Bizarro (pretending to be Clark) helps Lana track down a serial killer who removes trace minerals from his victims. They suspect the killer is Brainiac, but Bizarro may decide to team up with Brainiac instead of defeating him. Meanwhile, Lex has a suprising reaction to learning Grant is a clone of Lex's dad. []
  • The upcoming Doctor Who two-parter by Steven Moffat (Blink) will feature the Doctor investigating an abandoned library, accompanied by the mysterious River Song (Alex Kingston from ER). Also guest-starring in the story: Colin Salmon from the James Bond films. [BBC Release]

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