New Phaser-Shaped Office Tower for California

Illustration for article titled New Phaser-Shaped Office Tower for California

The economy may be in tatters, but that hasn't stopped a California business dreamer named Walter Horsting from pushing a plan to build a giant, 40-story office tower in the shape of a massive golden phaser. Oh, actually it's in the shape of a railway spike, and Horsting is hoping to erect it in California state capitol Sacramento to commemorate the history of the state's now-failing railway system. Horsting says this strange monument won't cost taxpayers a penny because it will be an office building. The whole thing sounds insane, but who wouldn't want to work in a giant golden phaser? I call dibs on the laser trigger. [via Phoenix Business Journal]


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Klebert L. Hall

Nobody's going to think that thing looks like a railroad spike or a phaser.

They're all going to say "golf club".