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A new Orphan Black trailer strongly suggest that one clone we thought was lost may have been found. How very, very exciting. Spoilers! UPDATE: Now with the first clip!

Bouncing off this morning's earlier Orphan Black news in which Graeme Manson warns us all not to count Rachel the clone gone for good:

"[The pencil went in deep], but how deep?," Manson says. "That's going to really tell us about Rachel's fate. It is rather delicious to take someone who is that poised and cold and have such a heavy, hard mask and put them in a position where they are less than what they've been before."


And now we have this trailer, which appears to show Rachel walking around in her traditional fancy-pants clone get-up and short haircut. I mean, we're talking about clones, after all, so it may not be her, but we really hope it is. Cause she crazy.

Here's the new clip from the season!