New Novel: "X-Men Meets Blade Runner"

We see tons of novels about dystopian futures, but any novel that features enslaved mutants in a dystopian future automatically gets onto our to-read list. According to Publisher's Marketplace, the duology Pandora's Box and Icarus' Wings by K.M. Ruiz just got a book deal with Thomas Dunne Books. The duology is "pitched as "Blade Runner meets X-Men," about a "Psion" with the ability to channel electricity, and her fight to survive both a post-apocalyptic world government which enslaves all Psions as their soldiers and the supposedly-human son of Earth's most powerful family, who wants to remake the planet in his image, no matter how many people he has to kill to do it. [Publisher's Marketplace]


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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I realize that an artist has only a short time to sell an idea, but when you pitch it as a combination of two other things, aren't you coming out and admitting it is derivative and unoriginal?