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New Movie Let Fans Choose Their Own Adventure

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The teaser trailer for upcoming movie Jathia's Wager has been released, offering viewers their first chance to see the fruits of their collaborative labors on one of the world's first "open source" science fiction movies. Is letting fans write, cast and edit your movie a sign of laziness, or the way of the future?Wager is, at least in part, the work of Solomon Rothman, an aspiring filmmaker apparently tailor-made for Hollywood: Ambitious, a good self-publicist, and unafraid to give up creative ownership of his work. After the success of his first "open source" movie, Boy Who Never Slept, he decided to try it again, coming up with the initial idea behind Jathia's Wager... and inviting people to join in. Fans and followers were given the ability to review, comment on and rewrite Rothman's original script, as well as offer commentary on casting and location choices... although, perhaps unsurprisingly, Rothman himself appears as one of the main characters. Once filming is completed, the footage will be uploaded for anyone to edit and assemble a final movie, before the "official" final version is decided by fans via forum voting, and the final version is released in January next year. For those of us who'd rather just watch than participate, there's always this trailer to tide us over:

Jathias Wager Free Science Fiction Movie - Open Source Collaborative Filmmaking (Via)


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Unmitigated shit. All of it. FAIL+1.

(the +1 part is for the rather interesting article leading me to waste 2 minutes of my life waiting for something unshit to pop-up during the "trailer").