New Monsters Vs. Aliens Trailer Includes Ginormica's Secret Origin!

After watching this new trailer, the only question is, will Monsters Vs. Aliens be the greatest movie of all time - or merely among the greatest? Also, some descriptions of new footage below.

Dreamworks supremo Jeffrey Katzenberg has been traveling around showing off footage from MVA to select audiences of journalists. In particular, there are three clips he's been showing off:

Clip one:

We see a flurry of helicopters and attack planes in the desert. The President (Stephen Colbert) walks out of the White House helicopter and comes face to single eye with the alien robot. He uses a Casico keyboard to communicate with it, in a Close Encounters riff. Unfortunately, his keyboard noodlings only awaken the probe and it sets about demolishing the U.S. military. "Do something violent!" the President screams at his soldiers. Unfortunately, none of the Army's weapons have any effects. Cut to a briefing room, where general W.R. Monger (Kiefer Sutherland) says "We need... monsters."


Clip two:

Susan/Ginormica (Reese Witherspoon) is in a holding cell, dreaming of the honeymoon she never had after being hit by a meteor on her wedding day. Then her cell turns into an elevator and whisks her to a conference room. She inches into the room, with a chair and table, and a voice whispers, "The new monster is only a giant pair of legs!" Then a dollop of gruel and a bug drop into the room, and Susan almost swats the bug with a spoon. But the bug says, "Careful! This brain of mine will be in the Smithsonian one day!" The other monsters come into the room. The Missing Link grouses: "I was hoping for a wolfman."

Clip three:

The monsters face the alien robot in a deserted San Francisco. At first the robot is in hiding, then it steps out and dwarfs even Ginormica. Susan escapes from it, using two cars as rollerblades. The slimy B.O.B. comes out a manhole and joins the other monsters - Dr. Cockroach, PhD has put rockets on a street car. Dr. Cockroach hurls himself inside the probe, declaring that nothing can hurt a cockroach. Insectosaurus also attacks, but the probe hypnotizes him.


The assembled journos said the footage looked spectacular in 3-D, and Katzenberg promised this is just the tip of the iceberg, because the alien Gallaxhar (Rainn Wilson) has plenty more surprises in store after the probe. [Footage report Empire]

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