Magnetic putty is on the prowl again, but this time its terrifying powers can be seen in this stunning new hi-def video put together by FX artist Joey Shanks.

As we've shown you before, magnetic putty — that is, putty embedded with millions of micron-sized ferromagnetic particles — bursts to life when placed near an object that generates a strong magnetic field. And it absolutely will not stop until the object of its desire has been completely engulfed on all sides.


You can purchase magnetic putty here.

It's important to remember that these shots were sped-up to account for the magnetic putty's agonizingly slow rate of advance, but the effect is stunning nonetheless. According to Shanks, the clips were exported at 48 fps, and some at 96 fps.


These latest clips were pulled from the recent film short SCI-FLY, a product of PBS Digital Studios and Shanks FX.

H/t Colossal.


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