Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Some days a mere spoiler warning isn't enough for our shameless unveiling of forbidden knowledge. Today is one such day, thanks to a Lost set report that sees your "WTF" and raises you one "holy polar bear on a stick." Also, the latest Battlestar Galactica clue is so bizarro, it's like they're nuking Earth all over again. Also, find out about Smallville's endgame and Doctor Who's next storyline. And what to expect (maybe) in Wanted 2. Plus spoilers for Avatar, 2012, Caprica, Heroes, Dollhouse, Chuck, Supernatural, True Blood and Kyle XY.


Whatever you expect James Cameron's 3-D opus to be, it'll actually be something totally different, says Cameron. And a teaser trailer could possibly appear before Monsters Vs. Aliens. Maybe. [MarketSaw]



Tired of movies that trash New York? Roland Emmerich agrees with you, judging from what Amanda Peet says about Los Angeles in this new disaster movie:

There are some things that happen in Los Angeles, crazy stuff. [My character and John Cusack’s character] see it from a plane. We get off the ground and we escape in an airplane and some of the stuff that [Roland] shows us is incredible and really frightening.


Also, she says she and John Cusack are civilians trying to escape from the catastrophe. [MTV]

Wanted 2:

Common, who played the gunsmith guy, wants to return for the sequel, even though his character got his head blown off. His idea: make a prequel featuring himself, Angelina Jolie and the rest. As for McAvoy, I guess we could see his character as a baby or something. [MTV]


Battlestar Galactica:

Sci Fi updated its "You Will Know The Truth" viral site, with a clip from earlier in the season showing Baltar and HeadSix talking about how Baltar must challenge the old gods, and how magnificent and godlike Baltar will be when he does. And then there's this revision to the well-known Last Supper pic. Notice who's not there now?


For what it's worth, I will be exceedingly cross if Roslin is the final Cylon and Ron Moore says "But look, she's not in that picture!" After having sworn for months now that the final Cylon is not anyone in this version of the pic. It could also mean Roslin is saying bye-bye soon. [Battlestar Blog]

Also, the show's ending is beautiful, says Katee Sackhoff. And "no-one will ever guess" who the final Cylon is. In this interview from Comic-Con, she makes weird faces when the guy asks if it's Ellen Tigh or Tom Zarek, strongly implying it's neither of those two. Or maybe she's a master of the deceptive weird face. [Access Hollywood via SpoilerTV]


The Battlestar Galactica prequel, due to air in 2010, follows the Graystones and the Adamas, as they compete and thrive in the "vibrant world" of the 12 colonies. The two families clash in "action scenes of corporate conspiracy and sexual politics." It's a family saga full of intrigue and political backbiting. Polly Walker plays Sister Clarice, who she says is "a very strong character, a woman that is on her own in a sense. She's not attached to anybody, she has strong convictions and I think and believe that I can do something equally interesting with it." [Monsters And Critics]



Someone named Grant From Edmonton saw a bit of filming, mostly during a break, in Camp Erdman, which is the site of Othersville. Who was there? Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sawyer and Jin. Sayid wore civillian clothes, and Kate wore a blue jumpsuit. The other four wore those tan/cream-colored Dharma Initiative jumpsuits. At least a dozen other actors/extras also sported Dharma uniforms, including kids. There were at least four new-looking Dharma vehicles, including a Volkswagen van. And there was the left edge of a banner that read "NEW." More pics at the link. [Hawaii Weblog]



In season five, Ken Leung and Jeremy Davies will be series regulars, but Rebecca Mader won't. [EW]

Meanwhile, how does Sun feel about Jin's supposed death now? Check out this newish trailer:



Here are parts two and three of the Access Hollywood set visit. Joss Whedon does not look happy. [Access Hollywood]

Doctor Who:

Here's the official description for "The Next Doctor":

It's Christmas Eve in 1851 and Cybermen stalk the snow of Victorian London, in this special Christmas edition of Russell T Davies's Bafta Award-winning time-travelling drama.

When the Doctor arrives and starts to investigate a spate of mysterious deaths, he's surprised to meet another Doctor, and soon the two must combine forces to defeat the ruthless Miss Hartigan. But are two Doctors enough to stop the rise of the CyberKing?




Here's the Canadian trailer for next Monday's episode, "Our Father."


Unlike 90 percent of the deaths on the show, Elle's death the other night is totally super permanent. For reals. In spite of what we told you yesterday. [EW]

In other blonde actor news, Brea Grant says Daphne is definitely one of the heroes on the run in next spring's "Fugitives" storyline. And we do get to see her relationship with Matt progress, but then next year Matt "gets a little crazy." [Superhero Profiles]


The show's producers are gung ho for a ninth season, but Tom Welling may be eager to move on. The show is progressing, however, says producer Darren Swimmer. "Clark’s now in full control of his powers and basically accepting the face that he’s going to become Superman. The formation of the dual identity is what he’s going to be negotiating form her on out. He’ll start to experiment." (Probably around the time he gets "outed" as the red/blue blur. Also, we'll see classic Superman villain the Toyman in February, and the Justice League will be back in some form by the end of the season. Also, if Welling really won't come back, Swimmer hints/jokes that a Martian Manhunter spin-off could happen. [OSCK]



The much missed Anna will be back in a big way next week. Also, show creator Josh Schwartz explains about the Dark Intersect, which Chuck encounters in episode 14 ("Chuck Vs. The Suburbs." and forms part of a three-episode run in February and March: "The Dark Intersect is the first sign that the bad guys (read: FULCRUM) are figuring out that if they can't find the Intersect, why not rebuild it — which makes Chuck even more valuable." [EW]



The fact that Sam slept with Ruby while Dean was in hell doesn't mean Ruby's the one for Sam. He'll soon be getting nekkid with a hot doctor. Also, when Sam and Dean come to blows in an upcoming episode, they won't be in control of themselves. [Zap2It]

True Blood:

According to Michael Ausiello, the vampire show is casting the following for its second season: "Sarah, the pleasure-seeking missus of Steve Newlin, the Fellowship of the Sun's big kahuna; Daphne, Merlotte's new waitress (and Sam's likely new love interest); and Luke, a burly twentysomething who's as dedicated to religion as Jason is to sex." [EW]


Kyle XY:

New-ish season three promo. Squee, and all that.