New look at the rebooted Judge Dredd's suit and lawmaster bike

We must admit, the futuristic motorcycle in the new Judge Dredd looks a lot better without Rob Schneider hanging on in back. Take a look at the new look of Mega-City One's judges in the new film, starring Karl Urban.

2000 AD has the exclusive look at the full suit and lawmaster bike from the new Judge Dredd film, directed by Pete Travis and starring Ubran, Lena Headey, and Olivia Thirlby.


The movie is currently in production, filming in South Africa. Just recently co-creator John Wagner visited the set and had this to say about Urban's Judge (via Wagner's facebook):

"I just had a brief conversation with Karl, he's much too hard at work to spare a lot of time. There was one shot where the camera focused in on his face, a reaction to Anderson, and I swear Carlos could have drawn that scowl."

For more news head over to 2000 AD.

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