If you love both literary fiction and "genre" fiction, and want to be able to read inventive new takes on both things, then you'll welcome a new literary annual called Unstuck that aims to blur the lines.

Austin-based writer Matt Williamson started Unstuck with an editorial staff of people he knew from the Iowa Writers Workshop, and the first issue is out now. Writes the Austin American-Statesman:

It's a striking debut. Former Austin writer Amelia Grey kicks off the anthology with "Monuments," a brief bit of literary fiction considering the power we give to memorials, while Meghan McCarron's horrifying "Six Flags" opens with the line, "After the children's plague, the ghosts overran the living." New York Times best-selling author Aimee Bender contributed "The Coat."

If there is a guy who embodies what "Unstuck" is aiming for, Williamson says, it's Jonathan Lethem, author of the sci-fi novels "Gun, With Occasional Music" and the almost-magical-realist breakout "The Fortress of Solitude."