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New Line of Star Trek Gear Allows You to Have that Tribble Fur Coat You've Always Wanted

Image: Her Universe/Think Geek
Image: Her Universe/Think Geek

Look how happy she is in that coat make from the skins of the universe’s fastest furry reproducer! That could be you. You could be a hero to the Klingon Empire in that thing.


Her Universe and Think Geek have partnered up to do a collection of Star Trek-inspired clothing that is legitimately great. This command shirt, for example, is damn near perfect and I would wear it in all three colors:

Illustration for article titled New Line of iStar Trek/i Gear Allows You to Have that Tribble Fur Coat Youve Always Wanted

That’s available for $40 on Think Geek. The tribble jacket is slightly too costly for what it is at $90, but the Starfleet bomber is $60 and looks great.

These are my favorites, but you can browse the rest of the collection, which includes pins, scarves, shirts, skirts, and jackets, here.

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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Darmok and Jalad looking dope.