New Legend of Korra scene shows off the The Last Airbender version of American Gladiators

Illustration for article titled New emLegend of Korra/em scene shows off the emThe Last Airbender/em version of emAmerican Gladiators/em

We've seen a bunch of scenes from Avatar: The Legend of Korra so far, but this might just be the craziest. From the Korra Nation fan site, here's a look at Korra's professional bending team — The Fire Ferrets — in action. It's like ultimate frisbee with flamethrowers! Hat tip to Syafiqjabar of Mars.


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I have to admit - the animation quality turned me off of Avatar. This is a little unfair as I enjoyed MIB the animated series and it was of admittedly spotty quality. But this show looks absolutely fantastic. I hope they keep the style and quality consistent. I'll be watching Korra with interest.