New Knight Rider Trailer Gives Bad Car

Here's a sneak peek at February's upcoming Knight Rider TV movie, all ready to crush your dreams. Why drape that car in a black cloth when it's already been seen all over the interwebs after NBC officially unveiled it at an event they hosted? This is a show about a car, not about a guy who fights bad guys and just happens to use a car, so why not show the goods? The same goods that we've, er... already officially seen?

Is it super-lame once you see it in motion, or did that sentient A.I core in the heart of the car accidentally activate a suck circuit? If you want people to get excited about an upcoming show about a supercar, you'd better damn well show us the car. Now, we could understand the secrecy if no one had any idea what this baby looked like, but c'mon. Is anyone out there going to be surprised when they see this show on TV? "Wha?! A talking Ford Mustang? I had no idea! I thought it was about a jousting competition!"


Plus, that "Hello, Mike" is pretty cringe-inducing. K.I.T.T. would never use a shortened version of a name! Sure, it's Will Arnett voicing the new sleek black car, but that just means we'll never be able to take him seriously. If he ever chimed in on our wrist communicator to tell us that two thugs were sneaking up behind us, we'd keep waiting for the punchline. Even after our brains were bashed in. Believe us, we want this thing to rock, but all signs are pointing to "Turbo Suck." [KnightRiderOnline]

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Yeah but if he said "Hello Michael" we would expect a shower of coins to fly out of the dash (or a dead dove)