New images from the set of Kick-Ass, the upcoming adaptation of Mark Millar's xenophobic, over-the-top tale of teenage superheroing gone wrong, show that while the movie may be following the fashion sense of the comic, it seems to be dropping that whole "the white kid beats the crap out've black kids and latinos" theme, thankfully.The new pics appeared on, and are some of the first pics of Aaron Johnson in full costume as teenage superhero wannabe Kick-Ass, AKA fanboy Dave Lizewski. The costume looks impressively like artist John Romita Jr.'s original - despite the practical addition of a hole for his mouth - but we're most impressed with a pic that proves that the movie Lizewski will take on some white antagonists, unlike the comic book version's questionable targets.


Kick-Ass is aimed for an April 2009 release. First Images from the Set of the Big Screen 'Kick Ass' [Newsarama]