New K.I.T.T. Is Solar-Powered and Goes Green

Illustration for article titled New K.I.T.T. Is Solar-Powered and Goes Green

The old K.I.T.T. is apparently dead in the new Knight Rider television movie. He'll be seen in glimpses by keen-eyed viewers, and referred to by the characters, but his motherboard is buried in the guts of the new K.I.T.T. That means he's inside an entirely new body, which serves as a sort of morbid living, driving coffin for the old William Daniels-voiced car. However, he's been enhanced, and he's even gone green in this quasi-reincarnation.


With oil costing $100 a barrel, you might be scratching your head over a talking supercar who probably eats up more gasoline than a Hummer going up a hill. However, according to executive producer David Bartis, he'll be using solar power, and "going green in some new ways." While he wasn't clear on what that means, we doubt K.I.T.T. is upholstered in organic cotton and running on repurposed french fry grease. You think a biodiesel car could turbo boost?

Plus, this new car can morph, change colors, defend itself, hack into computers and has a pretty robust artificial intelligence voiced by comedian Will Arnett. Probably not the sort of thing a normal car battery and a tank of unleaded could handle. In the words of Marty McFly, "Are you telling me that this sucker is nuclear?" Well, we're not... but we're starting to wonder.



Wait a minute, 20 years ago, when TV's and Computer displays in cars were so far off it was ridiculous they had that baby packed to the gils with info.. Now, that every minivan has a AV system to rival TV studio control rooms, they can't even put in a monitor? Lemme guess, its all HUD's and holograms.