New Judge Dredd Movie Getting Danny Boyle Treatment?

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The 1995 Judge Dredd movie may have failed to please fans of the justice-dispensing, motorcycle-riding Megacity One lawman. But that hasn't stopped the movie biz from trying again... this time with British producers.


I'm in a tiny minority of people who enjoyed the Stallone film as an example of shlock cinema at its finest, without worrying about its manifest deviations from the comics. (With Stallone's looks, you'd have thought he'd be the one star that could keep the helmet on for the entire movie without anyone objecting.) But I would love to see a movie that captured more of the original's satirical edge — perhaps a retelling of the Block Wars saga, or the Judge Caligula storyline — and maybe a Judge Dredd who kicked a bit more ass. I remember the Dredd in the comics as an unstoppable asswipe who totally lacked a sense of humor but would never give up, even when he's crawling on his hands and knees across the radioactive Cursed Earth.

In any case, the good news is, the new film is being made by British company DNA Films, which produced 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Sunshine, The Last King Of Scotland, The History Boys and Notes On A Scandal. That's a track record that makes me quite a bit more excited about a new Dredd outing, whether it's a remake or a sequel. (My guess? They won't even acknowledge the first film.) Rebellion and 2000 A.D. announced the venture over on the 2000 A.D. forums, where it sparked great excitment.


Is it too soon to start a rumor that Danny Boyle is directing this film? When I talked to him a while back, he seemed eager to do more science fiction films, and the fantastic Slumdog Millionaire has proven that he can succeed at any type of film he sets his mind to. And he's worked with DNA on a few projects before. So even though I made it up and it's purely wishful thinking, I'm declaring it officially a rumor that Danny Boyle is directing Dredd. [2000 A.D. Online via Teaser-Trailer]

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Any ether-binge inspired rumor of Charlie's is good enough for me. A few rules for the new movie:

* There will be no more than three (3) scenes showing Dredd sans helmet. There will be no dialouge in at least one (1) of said scenes.

* Dredd has no first name. It's not "Joe", "Chauncey", or "Melvin". I would accept "Bronx Mowgli" after a sufficiently obscene bribe.

* Dredd kisses no one with the possible exception of Johnny Alpha of the Strontium Dogs.

* There must be a Judge Anderson. She can kiss anybody with one (1) exception. (see above)

* the Lawmaster bike must fly. duh.

If Mr. Boyle follows these rules he has free reign (rein? rain? rayon?) to screw with Mega-City One however he sees fit.

That is all.