John Carter is a swashbuckling story of adventure, based on some of the most classic pulp novels of all time. And four new clips and a featurette showcase just how hard Wall-E director Andrew Stanton will push that sense of wonder and adventure.


New clips include the first meetings with Tars Tarkas... and Woola, the big lovable alien dog that becomes John Carter's nearly constant companion. Check them out!

"I'm on Mars." How John Carter actually figures out which planet he's on. (Unlike in the book, where he just sort of knows.)

"Mars' Best Friend." The first meeting between John Carter and his massive pet, Woola. Just like in the book, Woola's not so easy to get away from when he's on guard duty.

"Virginia." You probably already saw this in the trailers — John Carter meets Tars Tarkas, and tries to teach him to say "Virginia," where he's from.

"Legacy" featurette, talking about the books and how they were adapted to this film.


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