New Iron Man 2 TV Spots, Inception Diagrams, And Mad Max Rumors. Plus The Thing Prequel Starts Filming!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Discover Iron Man 2 plot points, in new TV spots. Actors talk Mad Max and The Thing. Plus Inception, Let Me In, Nightmare On Elm St., Resident Evil, Caprica, Doctor Who, Lost, Fringe, Supernatural, Smallville, V, Chuck and True Blood!

Iron Man 2:

Two new TV spots show a bit more of the film's initial conflict, with Senator Dickwad wanting Tony to hand over the Iron Man weapon, and Tony saying he is Iron Man. And I like the whole "narcissism" thing that results.


That T-shirt we posted about yesterday, with the picture of the "Dream Machine" on it? The bar code on the back leads to a new viral site, which contains an instruction manual for the Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous (PASIV) device. It's pretty creepy stuff, especially with all the intravenous infusion and weird adjustments. [ via UGO]


The Thing:

The star of this new prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 classic says it'll be a definite prequel, but also stand on its own as a separate story:

Well, it's a prequel and definitely the Norwegian base is modeled on the base you see in the Carpenter film. Being a prequel you'll see a lot of tie-ins as to how the base comes to be the way it is in the Carpenter film, being so destroyed, and that evidence you see in the Carpenter film, We'll get a glimpse into that. It's great because you have a bunch of people behind making it-Eric Newman and Marc (Abraham), the producers at Strike (Entertainment), those guys and Matthijs the director, they have such respect for the original film that they're not trying to do a remake, they're just trying to pay homage to the original and also do the right thing with what I think is a real cool way in to doing that, and revisiting the material.

Still no clue what they'll call it. "Thing #1"? "The Prequel Thing"? "Some Thing Else"? [ShockTillYouDrop]

Mad Max: Fury Road:

Australian actor Teresa Palmer won't confirm or deny whether she's in this new Mad Max film, as her Sorcerer's Apprentice costar Jay Baruchel claimed a while back. She would say, however, that it would be cool if she were. (So either she's in the film and it's a secret for some reason, or it's not a done deal yet — or she's not in the film, but she wants to keep the rumor alive, because it's good publicity.) [MTV]


Nightmare On Elm Street:

A couple of new TV spots, sorry about the crappy quality of the second one:

Resident Evil: Afterlife:

The final confrontation between Alice and Chairman Wesker takes place inside the Arcadia, an Umbrella Laboratory with pods where Umbrella has been experimenting on people. The experiments are aimed at making Wesker as powerful as Alice. Wesker, meanwhile, wears a black trenchcoat and sunglasses and is very Matrix. He's a good guy turned bad guy. Claire and Chris Redfield are also involved in this attack on Umbrella, and there are zombie dogs whose heads explode open to reveal evil zombie jaws. Also, the zombies have gotten more intelligent, and have mandibles, with tentacles that come out of their mouths, just like in the new game. Do we have buy in? We have buy in! [Shock Till You Drop]


Let Me In:

Chloe Moretz talks about the allure of playing a vampire in this Let The Right One In remake:

It was fun portraying a vampire. The face of a vampire that people don't really see. You know? It's the side of a vampire that's usually hidden. They don't show it. It's always this cold figure that people always draw themselves to for no apparent reason. And this girl that I play is much darker. She's dirty. She doesn't really bathe that much. She's not glamorous. She's just a girl that no one could care less about.


[Sci Fi Wire]

Doctor Who:

New BBC America featurettes give you a primer on the sonic screwdriver and the Doctor's regeneration:
Click to view
Click to view


And here's a trailer for the second episode, "The Beast Below." [Gallifrey News Base]

So now that Amy Pond has had a good look at the Doctor's naked body, is a romance in store for them? Steven Moffat, the new showrunner, argues that romance is intrinsic to the Doctor-companion relationship, and the original series just chose to be "sexless" and hardly ever mention the obvious romantic tension. He adds:

I would say of the old show that there's always that sort of latent romance going on. It's never expressed, but when Jon Pertwee says goodbye to Jo Grant, he doesn't look too pleased about it. He doesn't look too pleased that she's run off with someone she haplessly describes as a "younger version" of him. He's clearly cheesed off and it's not the reaction of a proud parent. So the element is there, but as to how we do it this time, that is really centrally and importantly part of the story of this series - so it's unwise to tell a story before you start.



Sarah Jane Adventures:

Speaking of old companions, this spin-off show is back filming again. And K-9 was spotted on set, our first confirmation that he'll be back. All the usual suspects were there, and the scene being filmed seemed to involve Luke leaving home. (Noooo!) More pics at the link. [Gallifrey News Base]


True Blood:

Here's a snippet from the filming of the new season, focusing on Tara.


Paula Malcomson took a part on another show, Sons Of Anarchy, for a multi-episode arc. So either this means Amanda really did die when she jumped off that bridge, or Malcomson thinks she can film all her scenes for this other show before Syfy gets around to filming more Caprica. (Bear in mind, the second half of season one doesn't even air until this fall.) Or... well, the third possibility doesn't bear thinking about. [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]



A clip from the next episode shows a cool mass exorcism via firehose and bullhorn. Is it Thursday yet? [SpoilerTV]


Here are some pics from the upcoming episode "The Man From The Other Side." [SpoilerTV]


New set pics show a car crash in the alt universe, including another look at those weird alternate movie titles. [The ODI]

Seth Gabel (Dirty Sexy Money) is joining the show in the two-part season finale, as the chief investigator in the Fringe Division — in the alternate universe. He could have a recurring role in the show's third season. [EW]



Robert Duncan McNeill, aka Tom Paris, is coming on board to direct at least one episode. He's a producer and frequent director over on Chuck. [The V Files]


When Chad and Anna go to Switzerland for that U.N. summit, they may share a hotel room. [E! Online]

So what's up with that annoying kid? Actor Logan Huffman explains. [The V Files]

And here's an Australian promo for the series. [The V Files]


I don't think we already reported this — the rest of the season will continue to develop the Chloe/Ollie relationship, and the finale has a significant Chloe/Ollie storyline. And Chloe discovers, in the finale, what happens when you become Big Brother. The result is both tense and fun. [TV Guide Magazine]



So now you've seen just how serious this show is about moving forward with the Chuck-Sarah relationship — but the end of the season includes some life-and-death stuff that takes Chuck to his darkest place yet. [E! Online]



When you discover the four-letter word that the show is all about, in tonight's episode, you "so won't hate it." Also, tonight's episode includes three surprise comebacks, including one you haven't heard about. There's an amazing underwater scene involving the sunken island. And the whole episode is "mushy gushy." [E! Online]


According to anonymous sources, the finale will feature a couple of 50-year-old "hippies" named Glen and Hector. And the numbers will reappear, as a tattoo on an Asian woman's wrist. (But not Bai Ling, I don't think.) [SpoilersLost]

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I like "Chuck" but why the repeated attempts to make it something it's not? I predicted last week that Shaw's attempt to kill Sarah would not change anything and it didn't. We are repeatedly promised "game-changers" that are not needed and do not occur. I would bet that they will soon be back to moving Chuck and Sarah closer, then further apart repeatedly, gradually drifting towards being together. And the promise of "the darkest place yet?" That would be standing under several hundred watt bulbs. In the middle of a sunny day. Outdoors.

"Chuck" is light dramedy with likable, attractive actors playing nice two and a half dimensional characters. It's not "Lost," it's not "BSG," It's not even Roger Moore era James Bond in the drama department. It seems to be about as heavy as McG can get without making a fool out of himself and it's fun. Why can't they just be happy with that?