New Immortals trailer heralds the hairless, greased up war of the Gods

The more we see of Tarsem Singh's beefy Technicolor Greek mythology movie Immortals, the more we want to splash in the streaming fountain of homoerotic joy. Check out the latest trailer for Immortals.


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Yankton, née Spacemonkey Mafia

I hope, and this being Tarsem I don't think my hope is entirely misplaced, that this movie is some ridiculous, joyful nonsense.

Not a swampy, grimacing penis hymn like 300, or a silly, tone-deaf sensory overload like Transformers.

I'd like for a movie to be really visual intense and have that not be simply an indication that a director doesn't know how to tell a story. I want it to be painterly and strange and not have to try achingly hard to explain itself with insulting exposition.

Is that possible?