A whole crop of new Hunger Games photos have been released and while Gale Hawthorne is looking fly as hell, Peeta Mellark's "sexy baker" photoshoot is leaving us a little worried.

The Hunger Games is the live action adaptation of Suzanne Collins post-apocalyptic YA novel about a group of kids who must battle to the death for the nations enjoyment. Gale and Peeta are two major players in main character Katniss Everdeen's life. Above is an image of Peeta — and if you couldn't tell from the cakes, pastry sign, apron and floured muscled forearms, Peeta is a lawyer. Clearly.


Oof, sorry this picture is just so ridiculously literal I might make it my wallpaper. Plus the distant eyes and lightly powdered arms are a mere heartbeat away from a naked cake-over-junk bakery beefcake photoshoot. That's not to say actor Josh Hutcherson doesn't look great — he does! We just hope the rest of the film doesn't bash the audience over the head in this manner.

On the other hand actor Liam Hemsworth (Gale) looks like he stepped right out of my mind!


And here's yet another of the two mens together. Move over Twilight, these are the muscled-bound killers we want to cheer for!

To view even more images from the set, head over to EW.


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