New Homestar Runner Halloween Special Skips Right to the 'Good Stuff'

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The latest Homestar Runner Halloween special ditches the normal frightful megadventure in favor of what’s totally, not ironically everybody-everybody’s favorite part of video: That part where they chat about everyone’s costumes.

Later That Night” gives us a preview of all the Halloween shenanigans the gang got into over the course of the evening: Getting melted candy from Senor Cardgage, going ghost hunting in the King of Town’s castle, and trying a sample of Marshie’s latest spooky-flavored mallows. We even got a wedding! But the bulk of the video, and the night, is spent standing in place, gabbing about what they each dressed up as this year.

And you know what? It works, because the costumes they picked this year were amazing, some of the best I’ve seen from the site in awhile. We got Homestar Runner as Mr. B Natural- which, if you haven’t seen the MST3K riff on it yet, you’re welcome. Strong Bad got creepy as No Face from Spirited Away, Coach Z struggled to remember anything about rapper Kwamé other than his outfit, and Strong Mad dressed up as the door from Friends.


However, the prize for Best Costume has to go to Bubs, who you might think is a dressed-down President Camacho from Idiocracy. But no, he went as Billy Mitchell, the video game player who earned the first perfect score on the original Pac-Man in 1999, and now has a line of hot sauces. That gets a standing ovation for being almost too obscure.

In the “oldem days” of Flash video, where Homestar Runner got its start in 2000, the costume chats would be reserved for the end of the Halloween specials. It was a nice little Easter egg, on a site that prided itself on awesome Easter eggs. But when the videos moved to YouTube upon the site’s relaunch in 2014, that was one of the things that kind of went to the wayside.

In last year’s Halloween video, the costume chat was kind of thrown in at the end as this awkward re-enactment of what we used to get on the site. Didn’t really work that time. So it was actually kind of cool to see the costumes get the attention they deserve this year, as only Homestar Runner can do.

Of course, if you stay until the end of the video, you’ll find out that most of their “earlier that night” adventures didn’t actually turn out so well. Especially the what happened after Marshie pitched his “Pumpkin Spice Latte-Flavored Banana Bread-Flavored” Malloweens. Let’s just say that marshmallow is one or two Homestarloween specials away from becoming a serial killer, given he’s already claimed his first victim.


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