New Heroes Videos Catch You Up On The Shows You'll Wish You Saw

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Think you know what to expect from Heroes? Three exclusive new videos from NBC show you the different sides of the show - Romance, teen angst and the weirdest serial killer comedy you'll wish was on television every week.


The clips catch people up on recent backstory from the superhero soap, as well as show the marvels of selective editing and some new music; who knew that Heroes had all the ingredients for a classic camp romance (Seriously, that music for the Mohinder scene was a great choice) or that the Sylar show would look so damn entertaining? If the new season - premiering September 21st - is half as entertaining and archly self-aware as these videos, then we're in for a good year.




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Ok, I just stopped watching during the fugitives arc - when did Matt Parkman suddenly become able to fly??