New Heroes Promo Aims To Keep Us Guessing

Heroes, NBC's show about mutants who mostly use their superpowers for drama good, has never struck us as the most introspective show. But that could be about to change — this new promo for next fall's Heroes Volume 3: Villains hints that every hero could have a villain inside. Could Hiro be about to discover his dark side? The promo also gives some hints about who lived and who died after the end of season two. Meanwhile, there are new spoilers about a new arch-nemesis for Hiro on the show.

The super-fast-running girl, who we previously reported was named Joy, has had her name changed to Daphne. And she's going to be played by Brea Grant, who spilled some details about an early scene:

I'm stealing a secret that's been kept in Hiro's family for a long time that he's just now found... He stops time right as I grab it, but in that second it took him to grab it, I almost make it out of the office...


Daphne's superpower lets her operate "at three speeds" (simultaneously?) and she leaves a "supersonic wake" in her path when Hiro tries to stop time around her. Daphne calls herself The Speedster, which could be the first time a character on Heroes has had a superhero/supervillain name. (Maybe Adam will start calling himself "the Fake Samurai"?) And Daphne has been on her own for a long time. Says Hiro actor Masi Oka:

Her character is supposed to be Hiro's Joker... Batman has The Joker. Hiro has Daphne. This is the season where Hiro finally finds his arch nemesis, and it happens to be this Speedster. I kind of equate it more to Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, except Daphne says more than "meep-meep."

Either for her casting session or for some part of the show, Grant had to stand on a wierd platform and be photographed in her underwear. "I imagine those pictures will end up on the internet at some point."

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