New Heroes Babe Is One of Us

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With only three months between us and the start of a new season of Heroes, the hype machine is ratcheting up to try and remind us just why we should care about NBC's superhuman soap one more time. So far, its phasers are set on "shallow," and the message is this: "That new nemesis of Hiro's? She's cute and a geek." Ladies and gentlemen, meet Brea Grant.


Interviewed over on Comic Book Resources, Grant's mission seemed to be to lay out the fact that she has nerd cred:

I started reading ‘The Invisibles' because my brother recommended it and got hooked. I just caught up on ‘Fables,' read ‘Batman: The Long Halloween,' and [I] am re-reading ‘The Sandman' for a comic book club I'm in. I find that comics are the best thing to read on set because a lot times you have 10 minutes to kill and it's not enough time to read a chapter of a book, but it's plenty of time to get decently far in a trade paperback... I started doing research on characters with speed as their power - so I read a lot of old and new Flash (I particularly liked the Geoff Johns stuff) and now I'm reading ‘Supreme Power,' [which] I think really deals with a lot of the stuff ‘Heroes' deals with like what would actually happen in the real world if people suddenly had special powers. I don't necessarily think a person's first instinct would be to put on a cape and start fighting crime (unless you're Hiro Nakamura - except for the cape thing). I like the way ‘Supreme Power' deals with the government's attempt to control people with powers by employing them or just brain-washing them. ‘Heroes' explores the same issue with the cataloging of people with powers and the constant attempt to gain control over them.


See how she did that whole thing about talking about comics and then bringing it back to her show? The girl's a pro when it comes to interviews. Sadly, it looks as if her character - super-speed thief Daphne - will be a repeat of Kirsten Bell's Elle in terms of character arc:

There's lots of grey and I think Daphne is somewhere in the middle of it — just like most of us in real life - constantly trying to figure out where we stand.

Okay, so how many episodes do you think it'll take before Daphne has to turn to the light side and save Hiro's life in some freak accident?

'Heroes' Star Brea Grant's Need for Speed [Comic Book Resources]


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Annalee Newitz

OK, wait, so I've been doing it wrong all this time with pretending to be a nerd so I could attract hot chicks?