New Helix clip makes us scream for more Ronald D. Moore!

A second Helix clip has landed. And even though it reveals very little about Ron D. Moore's new snowy science series from Syfy, it makes us really freaking excited. Ron D. Moore, back on television bitches!


We spoke with RDM about his great return to the small screen back in April. And he shared a few tidbits about his new series, Helix, centered around a group of scientists in the Artic and their dangerous discovery.

How gory is Helix going to be?

It will have some gore in it. There's some pretty nasty things that happen to some people who are infected with this, and the attempts to save them and so on. But it's not really the stock and trade of it. It's really more of a thriller. It's more of a character piece about people trapped in an isolated area. And trying to depend on each other, and realizing that some of them aren't telling the truth. Trying to figure out the truth is, and how to survive.

How many people are trapped in this Arctic area?

We're talking a few hundred people. It's not The Thing, where there are only 12 guys, or however many people they had. It's not quite that isolated. This is a facility where there's research going on. Where you had people maintaining equipment, mopping floors, and cooking meals. Scientists and assistants.


All we can say is THANK GOODNESS for RDM — this man may save Syfy yet. Helix will premiere in 2014. And we'll be seeing more of it at San Diego Comic-Con, where the show has a huge presence.

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I'm excited for this television series, but I find both teasers more frustrating than anything. To say that they are effective in generating buzz among people who love sci-fi anyway is a failure on the behalf of the marketing department. Please give us an actual trailer with actual content to talk about instead of more white imagery with some blood dripping.