New Green Lantern Concept Art Brings The Corps Into Grim Reality

A collection of seemingly official concept art from Ryan Reynolds' space-cop adaptation Green Lantern showcases a few of our favorite members of the Corps. So who's in? Click through to find out.

These concept designs were discovered by Cosmic Book News and later confirmed to be true concept art designs on the Green Lantern Crps message bards by the Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast. Nothing is official yet, but we're hoping the concept art of Tomar-Re at least is for real, since he's scaring the crap out of us. Not the intended purpose of the character, of course, but still freaky.


Tomar-Re is the fishy bird-faced alien from the planet Xudar. Tomar-Re trains new Green Lantern Corps members and fights injustice across his sector. But of course he looks much more comically alien in the comic books...

The Pink-skinned man is Abin Sur, friend of Tomar-Re and the Lantern for our sector — who has visited Earth many times in the past.


And last, there's Kilowog! Another new-recruit trainer and gigantic fellow from the Bolovax Vik, where he was a scientist — which is kind of a running theme among the Green Lanterns.


Tomar-Re looks perfect, as well as Abin. While I don't think Kilowog is perfect, he's damned close.

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