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New Gravity short shows the other end of Sandra Bullock's radio call

Illustration for article titled New emGravity/em short shows the other end of Sandra Bullocks radio call

Created by Jonas Cuarón, Gravity's co-writer, this short film titled Aningaaq reveals who was on the other end of Sandra Bullock's desperate call down to Earth. It's pretty amazing.


In the dire scene where Sandra Bullock is coming to terms with her inevitable doom, Ryan Stone desperately attempts to call in for help one last time, and winds up on the radio with Aningaaq. An Inuit fisherman in a snowy, isolated area of Greenland. And yes actor Orto Ignatiussen, the voice of Aningaaq in Gravity, has reprised his role for this 7 minute short. Check it out.

[via THR]

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Two carbon-based human anthropoids on polar opposites sides of technological range and vastly different visions of Existence. And yet for a second there...there was no divide and a connection was made. Only Ryan and Aningaaq sharing a momentary lapse of being thru the radiowaves.