New Gorillaz music video involves a bowl full of severed ears, Andre 3000, and weirdness

For the latest Gorillaz track — "DoYaThing," which you can download for free here — the cartoon band recruited LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy and Outkast's Andre 3000 for a deranged journey through their morning saunter. It involves a bowl full of disembodied ears, violent product placement, and Andre's rapping, which is giving me flashbacks to "Bombs Over Baghdad."


(Unrelated Discussion Question: Is ATLiens the most important scifi hip hop concept album of all time? May be tied with Dr. Octagonecologyst. I like Deltron 3030 just fine, but he's done weirder stuff, like namedrop Kitty Pryde on Arsenio.)

In conclusion, I wish there actually was a Gorillaz morning comic by Tank Girl artist Jamie Hewlett. Would beat the hell out of Nancy.

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dropping deltron and dr octagon references make me love io9 even more than i already did..

now its time to listen to Aliens by the fine Dr Octagon