New GI Joe Cartoon To Be Aimed At Adults

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It's not only the movie theater that terrorist organization Cobra will be invading next year - It's your television, as well. Luckily, GI Joe will be there to fight them on both fronts, both in the movie GI Joe: Rise of Cobra and the new animated series GI Joe: Resolute. And if you're thinking that the new cartoon will be a repeat of the old '80s show, think again - This time, they're aiming it at the adults that grew up watching that show.


The new hour-long season (Yes, you read that right; 10 5-minute episodes with an additional 10-minute season finale) will have a flavor familiar to fans of DC Comics' Vertigo line thanks to writing from, amazingly, grizzled comic veteran Warren Ellis and animation based on the artwork of 100 Bullets cover artist Dave Johnson. Joe fansite Hiss Tank got to see the one minute promo presentation at this weekend's Joecon, and judged it to be good:

It really was what you've been waiting for from these childhood toy lines as an adult. As they described it in the panel, while you were playing with these toys as a kid, or even watching the shows and reading the comics back then, what we saw today is what we THOUGHT we saw back then. And what we expect, and why the new versions of the old stuff doesn't play with us now. But, this new direction, PG-13 based adult themed entertainment, should fill that gap, and will be focused upon in the upcoming years, for Joe and all brands it fits with.

No decision has been made on how the cartoon will be released yet; apparently webisodes, TV and straight-to-DVD are all options at this point.

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So the cartoon is geared towards adults and the live action movie is geared towards retards, I mean, kids.

And knowing is half the reason I won't see any of it.