New Ghostbusters Footage Reveals Slimer Has an Unexpected New Friend

A lot of familiar faces are showing up in the new Ghostbusters movie—whether they be former friends or foes. We’ve known since the first trailer that Slimer would be return to the franchise, but now we’ve got confirmation that everyone’s favorite ghost is bringing along a very odd friend.

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Yet again another TV spot has revealed a bizarre cameo best left for the actual film coming out—but this is a bit more than a former Ghostbuster or a familiar bad guy showing up. The spot is a relatively innocuous one, until you get right to the end and see Slimer driving along in a car... with a female version of himself.

That... well, that is certainly something right there.

You can see the joke they’re going for—after all, why wouldn’t an all-female Ghostbusting team not get a female Slimer to go with them?—but even then, it’s a very weird choice. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to scrub the image of what is essentially Slimer in a fancy wig from my brain soon enough.

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I can’t wait for this to come out and make a shit ton of money. I’ll be there opening weekend. I’ll see it twice if it helps push it to #1. I’m so tired of these bros whining about their precious sausage party childhood touchstone as if the original is above reproach or as if shittier remakes or even films period have not been released in the last 30 years. I’m 36yo and the original Ghostbusters was just ok. You will live through this, bros, I promise.