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Final Ghost In the Shell Trailer Shows More Hints of a Big Conspiracy

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Lots of bodies in bags... well, if you’re making successive iterations of cyborgs, you’ve got to get the raw material from somewhere, right?

There’s a bit more story teased in the latest clip for Ghost in the Shell, which has higher-ups talking about the Major as a threat to the status quo of the film’s overbuilt future world. Scarlett Johansson’s character has been told one thing about her new bio-mechanical existence but that’s clearly not the entire truth. Not the most original premise for a science-fiction movie, but we’ll see if Ghost in the Shell finds a way to make this plot beat its own when the film opens on March 31.


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Sheryl Nantus

I’m really, REALLY hoping this is a bluff and we’re not going down the old tired plot of “child kidnapped to be raised as top tuff cop/enforcer/savior”.

I believe it wasn’t how the original manga went and I’m annoyed they’re going this route - it does the original story an injustice and turns this into just another android-seeking-the-truth story. Boring...

I hope I’m wrong.