New Game of Thrones trailer offers more scenes from the War of Five Kings

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We have less than a month to wait for the new season of Game of Thrones, and the latest trailer offers a few more peeks at what's in store. This trailer includes many of the scenes we saw in the last, but includes more time beyond the wall, a better look at Arya in disguise, and some chilly words between Tyrion and Cersei. [via EW]


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It only just occurred to me that they did not cast a Roose Bolton for this season. The character will be sorely missed. No Vargo Hoat either, but they could save him for next season and still make it work. Maybe Bolton will come in Season 3, too, though they will have to change some things about the Harrenhal stuff, then (and I know they do go to Harranhal this season, I've seen the sets for it in some of the videos).