The Newest Game of Thrones Trailer Suggests Our Hopes and Fears Are All True

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HBO has just released its latest trailer for season seven of Game of Thrones, focusing on the war that is and the war to come. Winter is here, everyone, and while things aren’t looking great for the peoples of Westeros—particularly everyone who’s dumb enough to be fighting against Daenerys—season seven is looking utterly fantastic for us viewers.

The trailer seems to confirms a great many rumors we’ve been hearing about season seven, including Danaerys in her ancestral home of Dragonstone, and that definitely sounds like Jon Snow making a plea to Dany in the voiceover. (Also, is that... is that Cleganebowl?). As for our fears, well, the White Walkers look to be making their move, lots of things are on fire, and Sansa seems to be pretty confident not all Starks will survive the season.



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I’m dying to see the explanation of how the depleted Lannister Army is any kind of threat to the essentially untouched armies of the Stormlands, Dorne and the Reach.