New Fox TV Trailers Up Not Doing Much To Restore Our Faith

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Fox rolled out trailers for its Spring 2010 genre shows... and they look like warmed-over copies of existing stuff. Check out the terrible translation of Human Target along with Medium 2, no wait Past Life.


New drama Human Target stars Mark Valley (Oliva's brain boyfriend from Fringe) as a know-it-all, can do sort of fella for hire. According to the DC comic, the Human Target is supposedly a "master of disguise" and swaps his life with the client he's been paid to protect, thus becoming the "human target." Sadly, this TV persona puts forth zero effort on his disguise and tries to pawn off two minutes of wretchedly-accented Japanese on the audience to seal the deal of his crap cover. So yeah, it's absolutely nothing like the clever comic from which it was adapted. It feels more like a poor person's Burn Notice, but only if the main character was a smarmy dick who fails miserably at being incognito. They even got Tricia Helfer to star in the pilot. The show is being produced by McG — yes, THAT McG — which isn't really a marker of bad TV as the man produced Supernatural (which we all adore). Jackie Earle Haley guests stars, so maybe he can save this action drama. Here is the trailer:


Next up is the paranormal-ish detectives show Past Life. But instead of it being a direct rip off of Medium, this lady can sense your past lives. So either she's going to be talking to a lot of kids, or solving crimes from thirty years ago. Either way, I'm not too sure how this will work for a weekly TV show. Here's the trailer, let me know what you think.

Human Target premieres with a special preview Sunday, Jan. 17 9 PM. Past Life does not have a launch date yet.


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I just saw a trailer this morning about a show called glee that had taken over terminators Original spot on mondays. Its an exact replica of High school musical only with Fox's take of douche bag jocks and cheerleaders. I am furious!